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Take the Pressure Out...

DiPonzio's uses the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) method of non-pressure roof cleaning.

Roof Cleaning-Orlando

Your roof will be cleaned in the safest manner possible without pressure.  And unlike most companies, DiPonzio's PROTECTS YOUR PLANTS WITH TARPS.


Washing with a high pressure system is likely to cause damage to asphalt roofing and should not be used.

The Pitfalls of Pressure Washing Roofs:

Pressure washing does not kill mildew & algae spores - it only temporarily removes stains
Pressure forces water where it shouldn't be, creating leaks that can lead to costly repairs
Pressure discolors tile roofs, removes glaze & loosens mortar from joints, ridges & end caps
High pressure blows off the granules taking years of life off your roof
Pressure only lasts about 1 year...NON-Pressure will last 3-5 years!
Roof damage from pressure washing shown
Pressure washing damages roofs

Don't let this happen to your roof!

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